New!  Submit Alcohol Outlet Complaints Online

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New!  Alcohol Outlet Complaint Form

Please use this form (provided below) to record your observations and calls to the Omaha Police Department and/or City of Omaha for problems related to alcohol outlets in your neighborhood. This form will be used to document your complaints and be used as a tool to help move the implementation of the alcohol ordinance forward.

Click on this link for the form –  LOCAL Alcohol Outlet Complaint Log



The goal of LOCAL is to develop and implement strategies that minimize the impact of alcohol density, abuse, crime and other negative outcomes in Omaha’s neighborhoods and establishes accountability in the licensing of alcohol outlets. Our organization also wants to ensure that our city’s residents, especially in the older neighborhoods facing urban decline, are given an equal voice in the issuing of new or renewed liquor licenses as they pertain to their struggle to preserve and enhance their neighborhoods.

LOCAL stands for Let Omaha Control its Alcohol Landscape.  It is based on the concept that local governments can control where businesses that sell alcohol can be located in our community based on zoning ordinances. In October 2012, the Omaha City Council passed a LOCAL-sponsored ordinance that establishes public nuisance abatement standards for both new and existing alcohol outlets.

Who has joined LOCAL?  LOCAL is made up of neighborhood activists, urban developers, anti-violence advocates, public health organizations, and members of the treatment and medical communities all working to find solutions to protect struggling neighborhoods. Together, they want to better address issues related to alcohol outlets and the problems that occur in and around these establishments.